Initial Turbine Rating

The Initial Turbine Rating is your first step toward the exciting world of Turbines. The course is designed to give you the best theoretical and actual flying experience for your first Turbine Rating


In the Initial Turbine Rating course, you will learn how to operate and fly a turbine-powered aircraft. This course will consist of briefings, a written type technical exam, lectures, and flight training on a suitable turbine-powered aircraft.


The Duration of the Initial Turbine Rating course will be approximately 2 weeks. You can expect to fly a minimum of 7 hours on the Turbine aircraft.


Initial Turbine Rating Requirements:

  • A valid pilot license – PPL (Private Pilot License) or higher;
  • 70 hours Pilot In Command (PIC) on a Single-Engine Aircraft (SEA);
  • 7 hours Dual instruction on the aircraft;
  • 7 hours of briefing time;
  • A valid medical, at least Class 2 aviation medical.


What will be covered in the course:

  • Type of engine/ engines;
  • Turbine theory;
  • Propeller theory;
  • In general, the function of the following systems or components:
    • engine;
    • auxiliary power unit;
    • oil system
    • fuel system;
    • ignition system;
    • starting system;
    • fire warning and extinguishing system;
    • generators and generator drives;
    • power indication;
    • reverse thrust;
    • water injection;
    • propeller system;
    • feathering system;
    • engine controls (including starter), engine instruments and indications in the cockpit, their function, inter-relation, and



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