Night Rating

A Night Rating Affords the competent Private Pilot the chance to conduct operations at night. It increases the versatility and skill of the pilot as flying in night requires comprehensive judgement to conduct a flight safety and effectively. It is a requirement for the Commercial Pilot to have a Night Rating and it’s also the practical second step to take towards the Commercial License.

Night Rating Requirements:

A valid Private Pilot License is a requirement in order to do your Night Rating. We recommend the Night Rating. This rating is usually done towards the training for your Commercial Pilot License. You will be permitted to start your Night Rating any time after the completion of your Private Pilot License.

Upon enrolment at Bucephalus Air, you are required to do your Civil Aviation Authority Medical Class II Medical Certificate for your Night Rating. This Certificate is valid for up to 60 months if you are under the age of 40.

Commencement Age and Citizenship

In order to do your Night Rating, you are legally required to be 17 years or older.

To train at Bucephalus Air, you have to be either a South African citizen or be a holder of a valid South African study permit. 

Night Rating Theory

We offer ground school immediately upon your enrolment no matter what time of the year you sign in. Together with our Integrated training approach, Industry-Leading Instructors who will be available to assist and guide you with anything and your hard work, you will be able to pass the theoretical part of the training with ease.

The ground school – Night Rating lectures – will be approximately 8 hours long.

You will be required to write one Mock Exam with your instructor and one Theoretical Exam at one of our SACAA accredited online examination centres at our flight schools.

We follow the Aviation Governing Body – SACAA’s (South African Civil Aviation Authority) – regulations very strictly.

Practical Flight Hours

Practical Flight Hours

Duration: ± 2 – 3 weeks

Total Flight Hours: ± 15 Hours Flight Training

  • 15 Hours Dual (Flying with an instructor)
  • 10 Hours Basic Instrument Flying

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We have 3 amazing flight academies to choose from.

Flight Schools

Apex Flight Academy

Apex Flight Academy Logo

Apex Flight Academy is located at the Klerksdorp Airfield in the North West Province of South Africa.

Potch Flight Academy

Potchefstroom Flight Academy Logo

Potch Flight Academy is located at the Potchefstroom Airfield in the North West Province of South Africa.

Parys Flying Academy

Parys Flight Academy Logo

Parys Flying Academy is located at the Parys Airfield in the Free State Province of South Africa.