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Available Courses:

National Pilot License (NPL)

Obtaining a National Pilot License (NPL) means that you are trained to operate a Microlight or Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) under Part 62 of the Civil Aviation Regulations. The National Pilot License is used mainly for recreational flying and the license can range from Microlights to Light Sport Aircraft

Private Pilot License (PPL)

A Private Pilot License (PPL) is the most popular license for the pilot that operates a wide range of light aircraft. The PPL license is used for recreational purposes but it is also the starting point for the aspiring Commercial pilot

Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

The Commercial Pilot License (CPL) is for the professional pilot that wants to earn a living from flying. A CPL is much more advanced than the PPL in the sense that Instrument Flying forms a big part of the training. This allows the Pilot with a CPL to operate an aircraft in certain weather conditions that a PPL pilot cannot fly in. You are also allowed to be reimbursed for operating an aircraft as a Commercial Pilot.

Instrument Rating

Instrument Rating for the aspiring professional pilot, the instrument rating takes you into the world of advanced flight, giving you the capability of flying, navigating and landing in instrument weather conditions. You will have encountered the basics of instrument flight during your night rating training.

Night Rating

A Night Rating affords the competent Private Pilot the chance to conduct operations at night. It increases the versatility and skill of the pilot as flying at night requires comprehensive judgment to conduct a flight safely and effectively. It is a requirement for the Commercial Pilot to have a Night Rating and it’s also the practical second step to take towards the Commercial License.

Instructors Rating

A Grade 3 Flight Instructor Rating allows you to give flying training in all sequences for a Private Pilot License and a Commercial Pilot License.

Turbo Prop Rating

The next step in your flying career. Turbo Prop experience is invaluable in the industry. We provide Single Engine and Multi-Engine Turbo Prop Ratings.

Initial Turbine Rating

Your first step towards the exciting world of Turbines. The Course is designed to give you the best theoretical and actual flying experience for your first Turbine Rating

Multi-Engine Rating

Operate as Pilot-In-Command of an aircraft with more than one engine. This puts you a step above the rest in the professional pilot world with a Multi-Engine Rating.

Radio Proficiency

In order to gain a PPL or CPL License a pilot needs a Restricted or General Radio Proficiency Certificate. We offer both the Restricted and General radio courses at our Academies.

Language Proficiency

The International language for Aviation is English and in order to gain your first License you will need a minimum level 4 in English Language Proficiency.