Meet The Team


Clarisse Coetzee

CEO & Chief Flight Instructor

I was Born in Tzaneen and grew up in the small town Hartbeesfontein North West. Matriculated at Klerksdorp High School and studied Bsc Science at University of Pretoria. I then went to Aptrac Aviation in Port Elizabeth and completed my flight training in 2014.

I started working for and running Flight Schools in Klerksdorp, Potchefstroom and surrounding areas until I opened up Parys Flying Academy in 2017 and bought Apex Flight Academy in 2018 and Potch Flight Academy in 2019. I chose Aviation because I always had a passion for machines and how they operate, flying and aerodynamics are truly fascinating to me. Being a pilot fits my personality so I am lucky to have chosen this career. I fly 18 different aircraft including the King Air F90. Instruction is a way of life!


Vaughn Botha

Grade II Flight Instructor

I was born and bred in Port Elizabeth Eastern Cape, where I’ve lived for most of my life. I went to Summerwood Primary school and Pearson High school. I always wanted to be a fighter pilot since I can remember, so I started my flight training at Algoa Flying Club in Grade 11 part-time. As I got older I still had the passion to fly aeroplanes and when I needed to make a career choice my dad suggested it and the rest is history. I started flying Cessna 152’s and 172’s, then started flying a Mooney and still do to this day needless to say I’m a Mooney fan boy. I fly Piper Cherokees and arrows for training which are awesome trainers in my opinion. I joined Bucephalus Air in September 2019

Frans Botha

Frans Botha

Grade II Flight Instructor
Safety Officer
Radia Telephony Examiner

Career: qualified as an aircraft instrument mechanical in 1971.

Flight training: started in 1979, commercial pilot’s licence obtained in 1992, o various aircraft types ranging from Cessna 150, caravan 208b,
Beechcraft 36, be 55, be 58, piper Cherokee as well as Seneca.

Joined the Air Force reserve in 1983 and currently holds the rank of major with the South African air force, with a total of 5200 military and civilian hours.

Currently acting as safety officer for Apex Flight Academy, and assists with ground school training. Instructor – grade ii obtained 21 June 2008. Special permission to remain active with the south African air force voluntary air squadron as a pilot. Designated examiner for a general radio licence

Member of the South African air force association.


Werik van Zyl

Grade III Flight Instructor


Sizwe Tsambo

Grade III Flight Instructor


Francois Viljoen



Yoné Strydom

Marketing & HR


Donovan Jersich


When I was 8 years old, I flew onboard a Nationwide Airlines B737-200. I remember being fascinated by the flaps, spoilers and control surfaces on the wings, and the bucket reverse doors on the JT8D engines as they deployed on touchdown. This is when my passion for aviation started!

Aviation is what I live for and the only thing I ever aspire to be part of! Someone told me once “it is sad to think nothing will make you as happy as flying does”.

I started at Bucephalus Air as a cadet doing administration work. It is a joy to work for a renowned institution, and my colleagues make every day even better! We’re not just a team at Bucephalus-air, but an Aviation family!

My advice to all is to chase your dreams because attainment is better than regret!

Dr Glynis Parker

Dr Glynis Parker

Language Proficiency

I joined this fabulous team in March 2019. I am here to help you with your English Language Proficiency Test and help you on your journey to becoming a qualified pilot!


Esmeralda Kruger

Quality and Safety Manager


Suzette Swanepoel

General Administrator